Care and Safety


In order to get the best out of your we have put together this little care and safety guide to help you get the best out of your purchases
The basics
Paracord is a strong and durable material with various uses. We use 550 Paracord, which means it can withstand 550Ibs of pressure before breaking, that’s not all that’s remarkable though. Paracord is also rot proof, fast drying, non slip, soft to touch and comes in hundreds of colours including, high vis, reflective, patterned and even glow in the dark! Paracord is kind to your hands and perfect for those riders who experience rope burn or blisters from handling or riding strong horses. It is also more supple than leather. We have tried and tested our tack on all sorts of horses and have lots of reviews, photographs and testimonials available for you to see. Our tack has been tried on everything from miniature horses to shire horses and draft breeds.
We make custom orders. If you have an idea that you have not seen on our page don’t be afraid to ask, we have made various breastplates, bosals, neckstraps, cordeos etc and are more than happy to make most things you may require.
We have various fittings available to make your tack the right match for you and your horse including various different types of rein snap, trigger hooks, panic clips and even adjustable fittings for reins so that one pair of reins may fit all your horses. All our items are unique and unlike most paracord and rope tack advertised online it is spliced, splicing is the only way to prevent movement damage to tack, to ensure strength, durability and to allow pressure to be distributed evenly. On most paracord tack you see the weight and pressure is limited usually to a few strands held onto clips and clasps and pulled through or knotted then braided. Ours are spliced so all strands work together and all strength is evenly distributed which allows our tack to be more durable and long lasting.
Because of its strength it is important you follow our guidelines to keep you and your horse safe
The Important stuff
Payment is not required until after we have made your item, we will then provide a photograph of your completed item to make sure you are 100% satisfied before we will charge you. We sometimes will post you pictures before your item is complete to make sure you are happy with patterns etc before we finish them. Please be aware, screen resolutions on phones and pcs may show colours to be different to how they actually are In real life, we try to take photos in the best light so you get the best idea as to how your tack will look.
All payments are through Paypal to ensure both seller and buyer are covered.
If payment has not been received after 7 days of posting you the final photographs and no other contact has been made we will assume you do not want your item and we will put it up for sale in our shop, unless prior arrangements and agreements have been discussed. We are more than happy to keep your orders safe until payday etc just ask and we will keep hold of it for the required time.
We are a very small business with just two partners who also have full time jobs, horses and a dog, so sometimes during busy periods such as Christmas orders can take anything up to 2-3 weeks to be completed, although we pride ourselves on a speedy and easy service and on most occasions items are complete within a week.
It is important you follow our guidelines to keep you and your horse safe, and we will not accept responsibility for accidents or incidents that occur if the user has not followed our instructions. Our reins can be purchased with safety leathers (a leather lash that’s inserted in the centre of the rein to be sure that they will break if sudden pressure is applied I,e if your horse becomes tangled or stands on his reins. Safety reins will not break under normal circumstances as with normal riding no pressure is on the leather lash and so it bears no strain (The same as with a normal pair of leather reins with a buckle) Our reins are meant to jazz up your wardrobe and to be used when hacking and are not intended for competitive use. We always try and encourage our customers to purchase our safety reins to reduce the risk of injury, by opting for non safety you are accepting full responsibility for your horse and your own safety. And we will not be held responsible for any damage to your bridle.
Our non safety reins are designed to be used only with a LEATHER BRIDLE so the bridle will break in the event of an accident. Our non safety reins are not for use with any rope tack, paracord bridles, or biothane tack.
Paracord is incredibly strong and will not break under pressure, which is why its important you follow these simple rules
• Regularly check for signs of wear and tear and do not use your tack if there are obviousfrays, breaks, separation or if your hooks/clips/snaps stay stuck open or closed (you canalways message us for advice)
• Never tie a horse directly to a tie up ring with one of our leadropes. Always use a specialist tie such as an “equi-ping” that will break in an emergency or should your horse become spooked. Alternatively you can also use bailing twine.
• Do not drape reins over railings/gates/posts/ or indeed tie your horse even for a second by his reins or serious injury could occur.
• No not travel your horse in his reins.
• Always attatch snap hooks to the bit with the lever facing outward to avoid injury from rubbing.
• Only use standard non safety reins with a leather bridle to ensure your bridle will break in the event of an accident.
• Do not tie up your reins to make them shorter for a child as this may compromise breaking points
• Do not use paracord tack in conjunction with any sort of rope halter, bridle etc as neither rope halter nor paracord will break easily and this could result in injury.
Whinny reins will not be held responsible for injury caused to horse or person who do not use our items safely. They are for competent users and are intended for use by experienced handlers only who are able to deal with horses in all circumstances.
We are happy to exchange any breakage that occurs under normal use and repair items of tack alsowithin a year of purchase. We will not refund any item that has not been maintained properly,altered, used incorrectly etc.
Looking after paracord
The great thing about paracord is its so much less hassle than leather tack! Its totally washable and dries quickly too. To wash your tack all you need is a small soft scrubbing brush/sponge and some warm soapy water (don’t use washing up liquid as this will tarnish metal fittings over time) Once you’re finished washing your items, just pop them on the washing line and they will dry in no time at all! You can use a spray of WD40 on all metal fittings on your Whinny Reins products to keep them rusting and ceasing up.